Procedure For Registration Of Trademark & Objection of Trademark


Trade Mark Fee Registration: Hello Applicants we all know that Branding is one of the Important things Branding gives a specific Importance to the Person Product & any other thing Trade Mark is one of the Mark which gives Special attraction to the branding things. Applicants all must now the Definition of Trade Mark is the Symbol Number or a Letter or any Expression which special Branding to the product. Eg Megdonals M is the Branding Symbol of Megondals. All the Trade Marks are Covered under the Trade Mark Act 1999 & it is amended by the Trade Mark Act 2000.

Contenders are Inventors who have invented any of the Product at their Own Risk Trade Mark Act Protect the Inventors from realizing of a similar product. So Candidates who want to know the Registration Process & Trade Mark Registration Fee must refer to the below page. In this post, we will Provide the Complete Information related to the Trade Mark Wards who want to know about the TM Act must refer to our website.

Documents Required For Registration of Trade Mark (TM) 

  • Firstly The Company or any Partnership Firms must Submit their Certificate of Incorporation & Partnership deed.
  • Address Proof of The Applicant.
  • Signature of Candidate.

Partnership LLP/Company/Small Enterprises 

  • Firstly Candidates must submit their Logo
  • Signed form 48
  • Udyog Aadhaar Details

Procedure For Registration of Trade Mark

Law is one of the Important Aspects in the Society Law is Superior to anyone in the Society Law will not only protect the Persons it will also protect the Products. Applicants who want to get Legal Status to the Products Contenders who want to get special Status to their Product must go for Trade Mark. The Central Govt under Trade Mark Act 1999 will Grant Trade Mark to every Product. Aspirants, who no need to Copy their Product by someone else must go for Registration of their Product under the Trademark Act 1999 why every one Need to Register their Brand? Why Trade Marks on brands is Important.

The main aim of Trade Mark Law is of Protecting & Preventing by the Trade Mark Law The Object of Trade Mark is to Prevent the Integrity Quality & Marking Branding of the Product can be known by the Trade Mark only. Qualities of the Trade Mark The Qualities of Trade Mark are

Trademark Registration

  • It is should be very short.
  • The project should be Descriptive.
  • it should be Easy to Pronounce it must be Easy to Understand.
  • The project is of Graphical Representation.
  • The Trade Mark Should be against or Prohibited by Trade Mark.
  • The Mark or Expression should satisfy the Requirements of Registration Process.

Naming & Legalisation of Trade Mark 

The Life of Trade Mark & Life of the Individuals is one & the same once a Human being or a baby should be named after her birth on the Earth in the same way when a Product has been Invented it must be Registered & given a Symbol or an Expression which give Legal Status to such Product. The Inventors of the Product must Register the Trade Mark Under the Trade Mark Act unless it won’t get Status unless it Completes the Registration Process. On Other Hand, legalization of Trade Mark is very Simple the Inventors of the Product must submit Script or paper Work of Product & other Documents which are Helpful for Registration the Documents are Prescribed under the Trade Mark Act.

Step By Step Procedure For Trade Mark Registration Under Trade Mark Act 1999 

the contents of Trade Mark: The Inventor of the Product must Search for the apt Trade Mark which suites the Product such Trade Mark should not be similar to the Trade Mark which has been already in Exist.

Trade Filling: One Such Trade Mark search is Completed The Owner of Trade Mark. The Inventor of Product must File the Application in the Prescribed Format. So that the Register must Satisfy the Requirements of Register of Trade Mark.

Contents In Application Form of Registration of Trade Mark 

  • Logo of Trade Mark
  • Name Address and Other Delectable details of the Owner
  • Class of Trade
  • Trade Used Since Date
  • Classification of Goods & services

Allotment of Trade Mark Application: 2 to 3 working Days.

Examination of Trade Mark: once The Veena Convention is Completed the Central Govt will appoint a Trade Mark Officer such Officer will check the Contents of TM Application Form & then if he satisfied he has an Authority to Publish the Trade Mark &  then if Public has any Objection with Trade Mark they have a Right to object such Trade The Trade Mark License will be Canceled Trade Mark Journal Publication will be done & then the weekly Magazine Contains the Details of Trade Mark By the above steps are Fulfilled for Registration of Trade Mark.

Fee Required For Registration of Trade Mark 

The Required Fee is Prescribed for Registration of Trade Mark (TM). Any of The Applicant will not pay for the Trade Mark Registration Fee There are also Certain steps Involved.

Step 1: Comprehensive study: The Inventors must study the PDF of the Trade Mark Act & mainly Focus on the Fee Rules so that they can know how to pay the fee.

Next 2: Request For Registration of TM: Candidates after filling a Request to TM Register Officer he as per Trade Mark Act he will suggest the prescribed fee.

Step 3: Registration Certificate: Candidates after getting the Certificate only they apply for Payment of Trade Mark TM Registration Fee.

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