Introduction To The Constitution Of India Meaning/Def & Classification


The number of people who are interested to study the Indian Constitution Act 1950. They are searching for the Introduction and Other topics of the Constitution of India. Our Indian Constitution has broadly classified as Follows

  • Written and Unwritten Constitution.
  • Unitary and Federal Constitutions.
  • Flexible and Rigid Constitutions.

Indian Constitution has been broadly classified into Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. The constitution is the Fundamental Law of the land. The Word Constitutionalism means the Supremacy of the Constitution. The Word Constitution has been derived from the Latin Word ” Constitutro” which means “To Establish”. Constitution also indicates the Rules, Regulations, and Orders. The number of people has explained the definition of the Indian Constitution. But here we are providing the various definitions of the constitutions which are given below.

Aristotle Definitions:- According to the Aristotle constitution defines as “the Way of Life Which the State has Chosen For Itself”

Dicey Definitions:- According to the Dicey ” Constitution is the Product of all those Rules, Which affect the Sovereignty of a State”

Austin Definitions:- According to the Austin ” Constitution Fixes the Structure of supreme Government”

K.C. Wheare Definitions:- According to Where “that body of rules which establish and regulate or govern the ends for which and the organs through which governmental power exercised”

Gettell Definitions:- According to Gettell ” The Fundamental principles that determine the form of a state are called its constitution”

Colley Definitions:- According to Colley “The Fundamental law of the State Containing the Principles upon which government is founded regulating the division of the Sovereign powers and directing to what persons each of these powers are to be confined and the manner in which it is to be exercised”.

Constitutional Law:- Meaning and Definition

written and Unwritten Constitution:- The Constitution of a Country may be written and unwritten. A written constitution of a country may be written by the number of documents. The number of developed countries is following the written Constitution such as USA, Australia, Switzerland, India, …etc.

Whereas an unwritten constitution cannot be described through the documents, usages, judicial precedents, …etc So unwritten constitution is based on the various treatments. However, the Indian Constitution is treated as the Lengthiest Constitution in the World.

The Parliament of the United Kingdom can possibly anything they can make any laws and rules-based upon the things. Can make anything and Everything except woman a  man, man a Woman.

unitary and Federal Constitutions:- Unitary constitution is one that sets up one central government and all the powers vested in it.

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