18% GST Rate For Advertising Services/Newspaper/Digital Media


Taxpayers can get a great overview of the GST on Ads, websites and Apps. Here we provide detailed information about the GST on Ads and How it is applicable for Mobile Phones, Websites, and Apps. Hopefuls who are under the Digital Media Platform need to pay the 18 Percentage of the tax on Ads, Website and Apps. The who is an advertisement about the product or brand need to pay the 18 % tab. The GST is implemented on the Goods and Services are offered by the Owner or Service Provider. GST will be implemented on the Mobile, Website, and Apps ….etc.

GST On ADS & Digital Media

Here we go with some of the explains for a better understanding of the GST

The Raghu Batra Sells an Ads on his website of cachitchat.com to the tata steels For the Rs 100000 Per Month. The GST Will be levied on then is @18%

Advertisement Charges Rs 100000
ADD GST @18% Rs 18000
Total Charges 1180000

Mr. Raghu Batra needs to deposit the Rs 18000 in the Govt Stating as the GST Return that has received by the Tata Steels.

GST On Print Ads

Candidates need to levy the tax on the GST @5% for the Print Media Only. We provide detailed information about the GST Taxation on Digital Ads as compared to the Digital Ads.

The Tax should levy on the Product may changes services to services.

For example, you purchase something from the Amazon at Rs 50000 GST On them should be 5%

Advertisement Charges Rs 500000
GST @ 5% Rs 25000
Total Amount Rs 525000

The Eenadu paper needs to deposit the Rs 25000 In the government stating that GST Received on the Advertisements.

GST On Advertisement Agencies

We provide detailed information about how to calculate the GST On Advertisement depending upon the candidates. Aspirants who are looking for the Tax 18% GST Rates can follow this page.

Invoice For GST ON ADS

A number of the TaxPayers can raise the question that which is the original bill for the GST? How we can identify the Original bill of GST? Our paying tax will reach to the government or not. Here we provide the information about that must and should check the following information to Identify the Invoice For 18% GST Rates.

  • Invoice Date.
  • Invoice Number
  • Name and Address For Supplier
  • Name of the Address For Recipient.
  • GST number of the Bill of the Supplier and Recipient.
  • Other Details.

Candidates first need to identify the GST Number and then go ahead with the other billing information. Before going to buy any product check whether they are giving the Bill of the GST or Not. If they are unable to give the right bill. A customer cannot suit the Seller at any Consumer Court. In order to protect ourselves and the government try to follow the billing Stores, Companies and many more.

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