Expected Question Nov 2021 In Vouching and Verification IPCC Audit

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Expected Question Nov 2021 In Vouching and Verification IPCC Audit:- Plenty of the students who are applied for the CA IPCC Exams are searching for the CA IPCC Auditing Important Questions and Topics For November 2021 Attempt. To get more than 50 Marks we provide the IPCC Auditing Paper Important Questions along with answers.

Candidates here we can also provide the how-to crack CA IPCC Exam easily with Smart work. Need to strain heavily to understand the auditing and other topics. try to follow the simple methods and Best ways of remembering the theory part of Auditing in an ideal manner to crack the CA IPCC Exam. Now check out the Chapter-wise Auditing Important Topics They start with company Auditing which covers around the 30 Marks in the Exam. Try to practice each and every topic of Company Audit to score good marks in the Exam.
Special Audits like Club Audit, Educational Institution, Cinema Hall, Hotel and aware of advantages of Audit of accounts of partnership Firm.

Verification:- Cash, Depreciation, Contingent Liability, Subsequent Events, Personal Expenses of Directors and analytical review, Cut Off Procedures.
Better Practice From an Examination Point of view try to follow the Practice Manual.

Internal Control:-

Audit Risk
Audit Trail
EDP Auditing Approach and
Other Related Topic to EDP

Preparation of Audit

Audit Techniques
Audit Programme

Continuous Audit
Letter of Engagement

Audit Sampling
Management Representation.

Expected Question Nov 2021

Audit Evidence and Methods of Obtaining It
Compliance and Substantive Procedures
Going Concern Assumption
Joint Auditors
Principles governing Audit
Types of Error especially Commission and casting
Operational Audit
Detection of Fraud and Errors
Audit Engagement Letter
Inherent Limitations of Audit

Introduction of Audit With Relevant SAs Relating to those Chapters

  • Basic Concept of Audit
  • Company Audit
  • Special Audit
  • CARO Related Provisions

Overall Important topics of Audit

  • AS 6
  • AS 1
  • Powers and Duties of C&AG
  • Audit of the issue of Share Capital
  • Stores and Stocks
  • Audit of a Hospital
  • Approaches to Auditing in a Computerized Environment Revenue Expenditure
  • Audit Evidence and What is the need for it
  • SA 200
  • SA 210
  • Standard Audit 220
  • SA 240
  • Prior Period Items and Extra-Ordinary items
  • Matters to be Verified in the Audit of Dividend
  • Controls in an EDP Environment
  • Audit of Commercial Accounts
  • Basic Elements of Auditors Report
  • Audit Procedures to obtain audit evidence
  • Capital Expenditures and its types
  • Methods to obtain Audit Evidence
  • write about Analytical review Test
  • Audit Trail or Examination In Depth
  • Letter of Weakness
  • Audit of Cinema Theatre
  • Incomplete Records
  • Audit of Charitable Institutions
  • CAAT requirement in EDP Audit
  • Design and Special Characteristics of EDP Systems
  • Audit of Hotels
  • write about Local Bodies
  • Aspects to be covered in an audit
  • Audit of Hire Purchase Transactions
  • The concept of Materiality & SA 320
  • Types of Audit Report or Audit Opinion
  • SA 700
  • SA 705
  • Standard Audit 706
  • SA 560
  • SA 530
  • Standard Audit 580
  • Appointment of Auditor of Government Company
  • Types of Reserves and Objects of Creating Each
  • Qualities of an Auditor
  • CARO 2003 4pm
  • Inherent limitations of Audit
  • Vouching and Verification 8 marks
  • Provisions relating to Branch Audit
  • Discuss Cost Audit
  • Duties of the Auditor
  • Remuneration of Auditors
  • Removal of Auditors
  • Casual vacancy of an Auditor to be filled up
  • Appointment of Auditors all Cases
  • Qualifications and Disqualifications of an auditor.

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