Eligibility Criteria For GST Registration Documents


Eligibility Criteria For GST Registration:- Why we should register under the Goods and Service Tax GST. Here we provide detailed information about how to register for the GST. Tax Payers any business in India which provides services of the goods or Services with Turnover more than 20 Lakhs can eligible for the GST Registration. Here we come with some of the best questions regularly asked by our clients.

Why GST Registration is Necessary?

In the present world every business whether providing the services or sell the goods. Whatever the business it may be which are related to the goods and services can register for the GST with a turnover of Rs 20 Lakhs. But some of the business registration of GST is Mandatory. Whatever it may be we provide the GST and Heavy Penalties applicable list.

Who Should Register under the GST?

Any Business whose turnover for the Threshold limit exceeding the Rs 20 Lakhs needs to register under the GST. GST is covered with various registrations like VAT, Excise Tax, Service Tax, and other registrations. Irrespective from the Normal Taxpayers they should register under the GST Turnover.

  • Businesses Need to Register Under the GST Turnover?
  • The Taxpayer who already registers the Pre Tax Indirect Tax Schemes like VAT, Service Tax, …etc needs to register under the GST.
  • When a business which is registered under the name of someone has transferred shall take registration with effect from the date of Transfer.
  • Anyone who deals with Inter-State Supply of Goods.
  • Casual Taxable Person.
  • Non-Resident Taxable Person.
  • Agents of a Supplier.
  • who is Paying Tax under the Reverse Charge Mechanism?
  • Input Service Distributor.
  • E-Commerce Operator or Aggregator.
  • Person who Supplies via E Commerce Aggregator.
  • Person Supplying online Information and Database access.
  • Retrieval services from outside India to the related Person in India Other Than a Registered Taxable Person.

What are the Documents Required For GST Registration?

  • PAN Card is mandatory for registration of the GST.
  • Valid phone number and Email address.
  • Valid bank Account Number from India only.
  • The Bank Account Number should in the Name of the Sole Proprietor, Partner, or Directors.
  • Jurisdiction Details.
  • Place of Business Details.
  • A valid Signature which is matched with the PAN Card.

How to Register For GST?

  • Login to the GST online Portal.
  • Fill up the Form Part A.
  • The Portal Verifies the Mobile Number and Email ID Through the OTP Messages.
  • You can log in for the Application reference through the Mobile Number and Email ID.
  • Access the Form the Part B Using the received Number.
  • Upload the documents required by the Business.
  • The GST Officer Starts the Verifying the Application Form.
  • After 3 Working Days, you can get the Officer approves notification of Approval or Disapprove.
  • If the officer Approves get the Certification of the GST.
  • If Disapproved need to register for the GST REG 03 Number and work within 7 Days with GST Registration 4.
  • Officer Rejects your application need to fill the GST Registration Form 5.
  • Finally, get the GST Registration 6 Certificate.

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