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Copyright Registration Process: Hello Applicants we all know that Law is the Weapon which helps the Candidates to Protect themselves we all know that we are Living in Modern World which needs Security for each & everything. The things which are visible the things which are not Visible need Protection. Applicants in my view there will be Protection to the Visible things what about the notion of Visible things the Visible things will create protection themselves what about the Protection of Objects which do not have life this New act was called the Copyright Act 1957.  This act Amended in 2012, lets now what is Copyright how it is applicable what is Process of Registration of Copyright what things are Copy Righted & what things are no Copy Righted will be Provided in the below Article.

 Copyright Registration In India

Candidates First things we should Clearly know what is Copyright” A Copyright is an Inclusive Right which protects Literary Dramatic Cinematography Sound Music & other Artistic Works in simple we can say Copyright is the Right Provided to the owner of Artistic Work is known as CopyRight.” The Authors of the Work have been given some safeguards which are Called Copy Rights these Rights ensure the authors to protect their Creative Works so others will not Copy the same Work. Copyright is the Legal Right, if the Legal Right is abridged than the Author of the Work, has a right to move to the Court. He can File a Petition on the Person who has bridged the Legal Right of the Person.

What do the Things come Under The CopyRight

The Literary Works like Dramatic Music Literary Sound Recording all this Come under the Copyright The Authors of the above Works which have been given a Legal Copyright for the Limited terms Here I give an Example of Copyright that Bahubali the Epic Indian Movie which has Turned the fate of Tollywood was directed by SS Rajamouli. we all know such things to Dube the Movie in all Languages Rajamouli who is the Creator or the Director of the Story must sell the Story. in simple Rajamouli must give Permission to Dube that movie in all other Languages. The validity of Copyright is Limited.

What are the things that are not Copy Righted? 

There are some things that are not protected by the Copyright Act 1957, the Copyright has no Exclusive Right to give Protection to the Things that are Listed below.

Ideas Method System: The Ideas & Methods of the Person may be interlinked with some other person one of the Ideas of a Person are the same with some other person. The Procedure is the system in which one Person Fallow is the same as another person.

Commonly Known Information: There are certain things which are common in all the Circumstances the Information Provided is the same in my Opinion Universal thrusts don’t need Copyright it means a Universal Story eg:-if the life History of Lord Rama is taken as a Cinematography must not need Copyright here moreover Govt Approval by Minister of Arts  Films Permission is needed.

Name Titles Short Titles: Here we go with the Title like King Ashok Mahathama the USA such Names are Universal such names don’t need any Copyright the are Universally Granted one so such things don’t need CopyRight.

Choreography: The Dance Performances or the sound recordings Music such Artistic Works doesn’t need Choreography such Choreography will not need Copyright Authentication.

Fashion: Fashion is one of the things which doesn’t need Copyright The dress of the Applicant is the same when compared to others The Fashion doesn’t need Update but it doesn’t need CopyRight.

Registration of Copyright

Is Registration of Copyright is Necessary yes or No? The Registration of Copyright is not Compulsory but the Registration of Copyright will give some Exclusive Rights to the Owners of the Intellectual Property Right. wards who want to apply for Registration of Copyright must refer to the below steps. Registration of Copyright must follow below Procedure Documents Required for Registration of Copyright is Provided below.

Registration of Copyright Under Copyright Act 1957 

The copyright registration Office is in Mumbai The Register Office consist of a Board on the board there are Registers & Deputy Registers who Complete the Registration Process must refer to the below page The Central government Exercise Power over the Board As per sec 6 of Copyright Act 1957. The Candidates who are on the Board will have the Authority to Register the Copyright of the Owner is called Performer Rights. Contenders who want to make their Copyright must Fill the Application for Copyright Registration if the Contenders already have pre Copyright Exist on the Dramatic Cinematography Sound Recording Work already Exist must prove they have already Registered the CopyRight.

Documents Required for the Registration of Copyright

There are some Important Documents Required for Registration of the CopyRight

  • Residential Profile of the Applicant like Hall Number of The Aspirant & the other
  • Nature of Interest of Applicant in the CopyRight
  • Nature of The Work to mentioned in the Application
  • Language of The Work to be submitted to the Register
  • Work is Published or Un Published if Published they must note the date other details of Publication
  • The research papers must be submitted to both Published & Un Published Work

Advantages of Copyright

The main advantages of Copyright are Copyright will provide the Legal Right to the Owner of such Creative Copyright. The Validity of Copyright is Lifetime + 60 years of Life. The Main advantage of Copyright is The Creative Work of the Author is Recognised there will be no loss to the Inventor Court Recognise such owner Legality of his Work The Fee of Copyright is fee is prescribed under the Copyright Act 1957.

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