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CA Intermediate and CA Final Students can check CA Articleship Status online. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI has provided an URL to check CA Articleship status online. Students can easily check the CA Articleship Status by entering the Registration or Membership Number.

A huge number of the students are interested to check Articleship Status online with ICAI Portal. ICAI has announced various methods to check CA Articleship Status for students, members and Finally CA Firms. Here we describe the various methods to check CA Articleship Status. Before going to Articleship status we should aware of the two terms they are

SRN:- Students Registration Number
MRN:– Members Registration Number

CA Articleship Status:- Students can aware of Whether your Articleship has completed under present principles. students can follow the various methods of the Articleship status with CA Institute. Most relevant Links and Web pages are mentioned in the below Articleship.

Method 1:- CA Membership Number

This is one of the simple and important methods where you have to enter the membership number and all the details of the principle. Students who are completed the Articleship can see the date of registration as an articled clerk and date of Articleship completion. Students who are completed the Articleship will see the date of the Articleship commencement date. There is two part of Articleship details such as member article, Audit Training Details and Student Terminated/Completed Article/Audit Training Details.

Student Registration Number Method 2:-

Students can check the Student Registration Number by entering the Articleship Training Details. However, due to a busy server, you may not see your Articleship Status by just click the one-click Sometimes it may show database results error.

This method works successfully you can see the information such as your principles, Membership Number, Chartered Accountants Name, Articleship Commencement date, and Articleship Completion Date. Students will know the Details of Student and Details of Articleship Undergone from the date of Registration. The ICAI has maintained the Three Servers to check the Results They are
Server 1:- Check Articleship Status by providing the SRN it Means Students Registration Number.

Process 3 CA MRN and Date of Birth

Students can check by entering the Principle and Member Registration Number. Students can see your Principle Through Member Card. You, Will, see the List of Articled or audit Clerk undergoing Articleship Training.

Students can also check out their personal details like Correspondence Address, Mobile Number, and Email ID ..etc. Which are provided by while registering in the ICAI. Students need to register yourself with the ICAI by using student’s registration Numbers as USER ID and Password by entering and satisfying appropriate terms and conditions.

ICAI Member and CA Firms Records:– Chartered Accountant CA Institute also provided the methods to check detailed records with ICAI. Accordingly, CA May use the Below mentioned Web Addresses to check the Member Records and Firm Name Search, Partner, Proprietor Particulars, Branch Particulars, ..etc.

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