How To File Income tax Return Online For Salaried Employee AY 2021-22

Income Tax

Plenty of the TaxPayers are searching for the How to File Income Tax Return Online For Salaried Employee? There are two methods to file Income Tax Return. One is Online Method through E filing Website and another one is Offline by visiting the Income Tax Office. For Filing through the online method they need to Enroll in the Income Tax Website. The PAN Card Number is the username of the income tax login. Tax Payers who are not registered under the Indiaefiling website need to enter all the details properly. Then submit it. For the Registration process Mobile Number and email id are mandatory.

After Enrollment login to the website by entering the Username and Password. Tax Payer can see the number of options such as Dashboard, my account, e filing, ..etc.

GST Registration

ITR 1 For Salaried Employee

Who is Eligible to File ITR 1 For AY 2021-22

Income From Pension or Salary.
Income From one House Property ( Excluding court cases where loss is brought forward from previous Years)Other Sources (Excluding winning From Horses Race and Lottery).

When we discuss the Clubbed income tax returns of Spouse or Minor included. This is applicable if only limited to the above specifications.

Who are Not Eligible to File ITR 1 For AY 2021-22

  • An Individual Having an Income of more than Rs 50 Lakhs Cannot eligible for this Form.
  • An individual who is either a director in a company and has unlisted equity shares cannot eligible for this form.
  • Residents Not Ordinarily Resident and Non Residents not eligible to file returns of ITR 1.

Any Individual who has earned Income through the following means are not eligible to file Form ITR 1

  • More Than One House Property.
  • Legal Gambling, Racehorses, Lottery, ..etc.
  • Taxable Capital Gains
  • Agricultural Income Exceeding Rs 5000
  • Business and Profession
  • The individual is a resident of India and has Assets that are located outside India or signing authority in any account which is located outside India.
  • The individual has a right to claiming relief of Foreign Tax Paid or Double Tax paid relief under Section 90/90A/91.

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