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Students are waiting for the Average Due Date and Account Current Short Notes. Average Due Date is useful to calculate the Amount Payable without causing loss of Interest which borrower or the Lender. The Average Due Date is calculated under the various methods of Calculation of Interest on Drawings of Partners, Cancellation on Various Bills of Exchange Due on Different Dates and Issuance of the Single Bill ….etc. These Average Due Date useful for the Bill of Exchange, Promissory Notes,….etc.

Average Due DateĀ 

The Due Date of the Invoice or Bill of Exchange is the date when the amount of a bill or Invoice is payable to the drawee or creditor to drawer or debtor. Here we provide the how-to with the calculation of the due date after taking into consideration days of grace. When we add three days for the due date of the bill of exchange or promissory note on the day of payment.

Calculating Due Date of Bill or Note Payable or Sight

First of all calculation of due date if the bill or invoice is payable on a specific date or at a stated number of months or days after the date. If the calculation on a specific date then the due date will be on that specific date. If the Due date will be on that date which comes after adding the stated number of months or days to the date of invoice or bill of 3 days of grace.

Calculation of Due Date on Holiday or Sadden Holiday

If the Maturity Date is the holiday after including the days of grace three days on the day if the public holiday/Central or State government holiday better to proceed for the before the day will be the due date. On the day of the Bill if the sadden holiday then go for the next day of the bill. While Calculating the various problems that arise. The first thing is the calculation of equated date when an amount is lent in various instalments and repayment is made in one instalment and next is various instalments.

Uses of Average Due Date

The Average due date is useful to a calculation of Interest drawings of Partners and Amount lent in one instalments or various instalments. Many students will raise the question of how to calculate the average due date. We get some of the short notes for the calculation of the Average Due Date by just following the below-given information.

Calculation of Average Due Date

  • The student needs to take the earliest date as the starting day or base date. For a better overview take 0 as a day. Any day which starts with the earliest month in all the months.
  • Consider all the number of dates for the calculation.
  • Multiply number days by the corresponding amounts.
  • Add all the amount and products.
  • Divide the number of products by the Amount total.

Average Due Date:- Base Date +- Total Products/Total Amounts

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